Three areas in your life that you have power over

  1. All of the events and circumstances in your life will depend on how you use these three items. You might need to alter your response if you don’t like what you see or do.


Convert your pessimistic thoughts to optimistic ones. what you wish to change. Modify your routines. Modify what you’ve read. Make new pals. You should alter your speech.

The mental images you have

You will always get what you receive if you keep acting in the same way. It is impossible to imagine that by acting normally, you could achieve a different outcome. Your life won’t get better if you become an alcoholic and keep drinking.

Actions you take (your behavior)

Similar to this, your life will never get better if you carry on acting in the same way.
But the day you start responding differently is the day your life starts to become better! So start today to alter your negative reactions to things and circumstances! Your life starts to change as soon as you start to alter your responses.

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